My Trip to Baguio: Part 3

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Good Shepherd in Baguio has only one outlet. So if you purchased Good Shepherd products somewhere else, then you can’t be too sure that you’re actually getting their authentic products.

Good Shepherd OutletWow, so there are “pirated” Good Shepherd products? LOL!

Good Shepherd closes at 5 p.m., so get there early. There is a queue to purchase their products – that’s how in-demand their sweets and desserts are.

Good Shepherd Baguio 2May the hungriest person persevere! Hehe!

Here are their store hours during the holidays:

Good Shepherd holiday store hours

I then visited Minesview Park’s many silver stores. My personal favorite was Pilak Silver Shoppe.

Pilak Silver ShoppeSilver is the poor man’s gold?

They offered a wide range of silver jewelry at really cheap prices. I purchased the following silver rings and pendants.

Silver gem pendantSterling Silver ring

The moonstone pendant was so pretty, I couldn’t wait to use it!

Moonstone pendant

The filigree ring has such intricate details. Filigree jewelry consists of fine, twisted threads of silver. The patterns are intricate and the silver threads look just as thin as hair.

Silver filigree ring

At nightfall, Baguio is much quieter. And it’s as if you get to see another face of Baguio altogether. Nightlife in Baguio is interestingly less rowdy. It’s as if there is no place for posers here. What you see is what you get – and that’s what I like.

Baguio CityDoes that ever happen in Manila: no traffic?!

I decided to try Pizza Volante as it has been recommended by many friends. Pizza Volante is a popular pizza place in Baguio. I was with a teenage mutant ninja turtle who loved pizzas, a.k.a. my boyfriend, after all.

Pizza Volante Baguio

I ordered a ten-inch Kenny George Pizza, which had Hanna sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, and bell peppers. Unfortunately, I had colds so I couldn’t really taste it! But my companion said it was delicious – and I’m just going to take his word for it.

Pizza Volante pizzaKenny George Pizza PhP246

I also ordered two pasta variants: mussels in red sauce with wine and pasta alfredo. The pasta with mussels was just the right combination of flavors. It was flavorful without being too sweet nor too sour; however, I preferred the pasta alfredo. It was my top pick in Pizza Volante, bar none. I recommend that you try it, too!

Pasta AlfredoPasta Alfredo PhP112

I passed by famous Baguio bars and restaurants but felt too full to try them. I went past Rumours, a bar that supposedly reached its peak a decade or so ago. I also ordered puto bumbong from Solibao, another popular restaurant in Baguio City.


Unfortunately, I only got to visit most of the restaurants in Session Road. I didn’t get to try Choco-late Batirol in Camp John Hay, for instance. But I can always come back for more, yes?

Kennon Road Baguio

On the third day, I finally bid Baguio farewell. The queue to get a seat at the van leaving for Dagupan was rather long. Because everybody was rushing back to their homes before New Year’s Eve, it was something I kind of expected. It was a terrible trip back home; I had no leg room, I felt carsick, and my tummy ached from eating old strawberry taho. (Always buy newly-made taho!)

Pines Garage BaguioHomigawsh! Look at the hordes of people waiting for a ride home! Huhuhu…

And that concludes my trip to Baguio. You may also want to read a less personal, more tip-based post on Baguio travel tips. Or you can read about my entire trip starting on my first day in Baguio.

Pizza Volante

This picture of me enjoying the view from the window of Pizza Volante is one of my most memorable ones. Baguio was such a great place to visit during Christmas! I hope that going there every Christmas becomes my yearly habit.

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  1. I so loved the view of Session road from Pizza Volante :) Not a fan of their food but their place brings back happy memories when a bunch of my friends and I went there.

    Happy 2012 Stef!