My Trip to Baguio: Part 2

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

On my second day in Baguio, I walked around Burnham Park. I ate a unique type of taho – it was my first time to actually taste strawberry taho. It had actual strawberries in them! And in case you haven’t read about the first day of my stay in Baguio, here’s what happened.

I also had “dirty” ice cream – of course, it was also available in strawberry flavor. Yum!

Burnham Park iced creamstrawberry iced creamMakes me wonder, is dirty ice cream really dirty???

I’ve forgotten about how pretty Burnham Park can get. The man-made lake looked much better now than during my last visit, which was years ago. You can rent a boat; you can even choose the swan boat. It doesn’t have any other special features; it just looks prettier than their regular boats, hehe.

Burnham Lagoon

I then dropped by SM Baguio. I know, I know, we have too many SM malls in Manila, but SM Baguio is different because it didn’t need air-conditioning at this time of the year. It also had a generally more open floor plan. It doesn’t have a closed roof; it just had tent-like material on the top floor.

SM Baguio 2SM BaguioWeee! Time to strike a pose again! Photo op in Baguio!

I dropped by Ibay’s Silver Shop, but I was a little disappointed. There were more shops at Minesview Park that offered cheaper silver jewelry. Those shops were not owned by giant companies; they are independent businesses that exist only in Baguio. But I’ll get to that later.

I then proceeded to Camp John Hay. Camp John Hay offered a lot of recreational activities, including rappelling, mini golf, and paintball, but I wasn’t in the mood for anything too adventurous. I confess, I was just after food and scenic views. Rolling on the floor laughing No burning calories for this lazy lady who just wants to relax in Baguio!

Camp John Hay also offers lodging. There’s the Manor, for instance, which was fully booked when I came to visit. I also took pictures of The Suites, a wonderful place for picture taking and nature tripping, but taking a cab from Camp John Hay to other areas of Baguio can be quite tricky, so book your reservations at your own risk!

Camp John HayThe Suites Camp John HayIf I owned a house that big… Sigh…

And because I love food, I just had to drop by Good Shepherd’s. Good Shepherd offers many sweet treats, such as snowballs, choco cornflakes, peanut brittle, cashew crunch (which is cashew brittle, actually), ube jam, and many others.

Good Shepherd BaguioYum… simple carbohydrates that shall make me fat and undesirable to my boyfriend one day! Nom nom nom!

But before you purchase Good Shepherd products, there’s something you should know about their store. To find out, continue to read about my trip to Baguio here.

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