Pinoy Band Wolfgang Performs for Pony

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

So here’s the thing, I’ve always loved rock music. It’s no surprise then that when I finally saw Wolfgang perform onstage, memories of my teenage life came screaming back to me. Last December 11, Wolfgang performed for the Pony Show Off! Exhibit and Awards Night. And I’m tellin’ yah, they know rock ‘n roll the way I want it.

Basti Artadi, the vocalist of the metal rock band Wolfgang, seemed like a nice person. In no way did he have a rockstar mentality – he mingled with fans and photographers with a soft-spoken humility, something I would expect from a person who simply loved making music. That’s Basti for you: no matter how famous he gets, both his feet are planted firmly on the ground.

Basti Artadi Wolfgang

And when the band finally performed, they set the stage on fire! Manuel Legarda looked hot strumming his guitar – clean notes, quick and precise guitar quips. Francis Aquino, on drums, actually injured his finger because he was bashing the drums like there was no tomorrow – and he was really good at it! The sticks even broke once or twice. It still amazes me when I see percussionists play the drums like they were born with a metronome. Mon Legaspi, their bassist since 1992, played it cool, closing his eyes to drown out the wonderful chaos that was Wolfgang.

And to whet the appetite of all Wolfgang fans out there, here are a few pictures for you!


This post is for everyone who loves rock and Pinoy music. Note And if you weren’t there to watch Wolfgang perform at the Pony Show Off! Exhibit and Awards Night, here are the winners and performers – read to find out why I was called to the stage! Thumbs up

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