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Tuesday, December 06, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

One of the things I like about having a cat is that I can go shopping for him. I like looking for kitty treats, new cat food, and toys that he might like. My cat is easy enough to please and it amuses me that he would rather play with a straw than an expensive ball. Of course, this didn’t stop me from getting him a nice name tag from Will Wag For Tags. If you’re looking for pet tags for cats and dogs in the Philippines, this just might be the thing you’re looking for, too!

A few days ago, Will Wag For Tags sponsored a name tag and info tag for my cat. My cat even chose his own collar, pointing to the collar he preferred. (I swear, I’m not exaggerating!) After I gave him his collar and name tag, he went prancing about, displaying his new accessory with pride. He even allowed me to have a mini photo shoot!

Here’s my beautiful giant black cat, wearing the name tag from Will Wag For Tags.

will wag for tags

It’s as if the picture was taken using a lomography camera, but I just got lucky with the lighting. Open-mouthed smile

Will Wag For Tags provides customized and lightweight pet tags. Their pet tags include name tags (which highlight only the name of your pet) and info tags (which include owner information, such as address and cellphone number, just in case your pet gets lost). The pet tags are small and weigh almost nothing, perfect for cats and toy dogs.

The name tags and info tags from Will Wag For Tags are very affordable, too! They cost just PhP250. You can choose the tag color (nickel silver, brass, or copper) and the finish (brush or glossy). You can also choose accents, and even charms that add a cuteness factor to the pet tags!

will wag for tagsFor my cat’s name tag, I chose a glossy nickel silver design, with his name etched in a circular pattern. I also chose a cat charm that hangs right on top of the name tag.

pet tag manila

By the way, notice how my cat overshadows the LED TV right behind him. Yes, he’s a really BIG cat!

Will Wag For Tags is my most favorite pet tag provider in Manila. Affordable, highly customizable, and lightweight for any small pets in your home! If you want a high quality name tag for your pet cat or dog, visit Will Wag For Tags and enjoy browsing through the many designs.

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  1. Hi! :) May I ask where you bought the collar? Thanks.

  2. Oh unfortunately, I can't remember where I got the collar! :/