Visiting Salon de Ning in Peninsula Manila

Saturday, December 10, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

Before you proceed reading the rest of this post, guess what and where the picture below was taken. If you guess right, you get a chance to win PhP1000!!!

What's in this picture?

Juuuuust kidding.

Anyway, no, those are not UFOs. They’re not jellyfish with colorful fluorescent bodies photographed deep in the ocean, either. Any other guesses?

Actually, they are really pretty lighting fixtures found at the ceiling of Salon de Ning of The Peninsula Manila.

Salon de Ning

Months ago, I visited Salon de Ning, together with a few close friends, for a few cocktails and a night of girl talk. I also got the chance to play DJ – at least for the camera.

Salon de NingSalon de Ning

Salon de Ning was an interesting place. It had little nooks in all corners, all of which looked like sets in a Hollywood shoot, with futuristic d├ęcor to furniture inspired by a boxing ring.

Night-outs are no longer my cup of tea. I have long forgotten the art of wearing something glittery or “gimmicky” in the hopes of partying the night away. Perhaps that makes me a little more boring now, but maybe it’s the kind of thing that comes with age. For instance, I notice how I always look forward to going home and resting in my own comfy, cushy bed, instead of sleeping over at a friend’s for an all-nighter.

Times have changed. So have I. Flirt male

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