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Friday, December 16, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

To continue my previous post (Pony Show Off! Exhibit Part 1), I’m happy to report that a few OPM artists graced the Pony “Show Off!” Exhibit and Awards Night with their presence. (May I digress for a second: I sound like I’m in gradeschool! Haha!)

Before the program started, Ramon Bautista and Nani Naguit, the hosts of the show, asked to have their picture taken with me… ha ha, kidding! They were more than happy to oblige me with a few photographs.Ramon Bautista and Nani Naguit

Kitchie Nadal and her band were there to perform a few songs. Kitchie’s blouse was gold and glittery and made me sooo green with envy! Actually, I have a gold see-through blouse which lies waiting in my closet for the perfect occasion. But, again, I digress.Kitchie Nadal

I took pictures here and there while someone took pictures of me taking pictures. No, that was not meant to be a tongue twister.

Stef dela Cruz

Stef dela Cruz









And please bear with me while I post a few more pictures of myself. (This is my blog after all, eh?) No worries, I shall be announcing the winners soon!

Stef dela CruzStef dela Cruz

Kitchie crooned onstage and asked everyone to sing along with her familiar songs. I knew them at one point in my life, but I confess to early-onset Alzheimer’s because I failed to recall the words! Ah, the opportunity to sing out loud has come and gone…Kitchie NadalKitchie NadalKitchie NadalKitchie Nadal

At one point, girls started to scream, making me wonder what on earth was going on. One look to my left and I found out that Bamboo and Champ Lui Pio have arrived. Ah, figures. Bamboo and Champ were there to present a few awards. Both were cute, I have to admit – and I loved how Champ seemed to be so nice to his fans.
Bamboo and Champ Lui PioBamboo and Champ Lui PioBamboo and Champ Lui PioBamboo and Champ Lui Pio

Wolfgang came and rocked the stage, too. Here are more pictures of Wolfgang during the Pony Awards Night.

Before I share how I got called to the stage, here are a few pictures of Ramon Bautista and Nani Naguit trying to get the better of a few good men onstage. And every guy they called was such a sport, making the impromptu contests a blast.
Ramon Bautista and Nani Naguit

Ramon Bautista and Nani NaguitRamon Bautista and Nani NaguitRamon Bautista and Nani NaguitRamon Bautista and Nani NaguitRamon Bautista and Nani Naguit

I ran into a few bloggers as well, including Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV. Picture, picture! Places, everyone! Rolling on the floor laughing
Stef dela Cruz and Jeman Villanueva

Anyway, I got called to the stage that night! Not as a winner, unfortunately – after all, I didn’t join the contest. But Ramon called me up the stage to ask me about my email address (he has this theory that if a girl’s email address had the words “cutie” or “girl” in them, they’re probably ugly). Ha ha ha!
Pony Show Off Exhibit and Awards NightStef dela CruzStef dela Cruz

Finally, the WINNERS of the Pony Show Off! Exhibit and Awards Night! Drum roll, please… And the award goes to…

Soundless Transportation by Kevin Dayrit – First Place
No Animals Were Harmed by Windsor Rojo – Second Place
A Pony Tale: Sneaky Sneakers by Van Cleef Emnacen – Third Place

Jesus Genotiva – First Place
Reuben Francis Vedanes – Second Place
Frederick Uy – Third Place

All first-placers won PhP40,000 with PhP10,000 worth of footwear from Pony. Second placers won PhP20,000 with Pony footwear worth PhP5,000. Third placers won PhP10,000 with shoes worth PhP5,000 from Pony. Whew!


Congratulations to all the winners of the Pony “Show Off!” Digital Film and Poster Competition! The exhibit and awards night was entertaining. I hope to hear more of Pony, especially because next year is their fortieth anniversary.

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