Pet Friendly Restaurants in Manila?

Sunday, December 18, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 7 Comments

It’s hard to look for pet-friendly establishments in Manila. I remember having to sit outside in the sweltering heat while having lunch, just because there were no pets allowed inside the fast food restaurant. I also remember having to sneak in and out of my previous residence because pets were not allowed, either.

CatMerlin with a warning in his eyes: “I want to go out, NOW!”

Are pets that much of a nuisance to other people? Isn’t there a restaurant where pet owners can grab a bite or two, given that their pets are tucked safely in a pet carrier? Or is that too difficult? This seeming lack of restaurants and establishments that tolerate animals frustrates me to no end.

My cat keeps to himself. He likes exploring but stays away from trouble. He likes looking out the balcony of my 26th floor condo unit – and he is afraid of getting near the ledge. Apparently, he’s not stupid, and I would love to be able to walk him around and have lunch in a nice, cozy restaurant with him in tow.

Anyway, here are a few establishments where you can walk around and your furry friend will be more than welcome to join you. Check out these pet-friendly establishments and let me know if you have more to add to this rather short list:

  • Eastwood. Some pet owners claim that you can take your pet with you even in air-conditioned restaurants.
  • SM Mall of Asia. The outdoor grounds, including the walk and the park near the bay, are all pet friendly. As for the restaurants, I still have to check…
  • Tiendesitas. Aside from being pet-friendly, you can actually look for pet carriers here, according to my friend who’s also a dog handler. (Thanks, Jonel, for the info!)
  • Market, Market! Located inside Fort Bonifacio in Taguig, I believe this establishment welcomes pets.

If you know of any restaurants or establishments that welcome our four-legged friends, feel free to comment below. I will be updating this blog post and I shall include a more complete list of all pet-friendly restaurants and establishments in Manila for every pet lover’s reference. Thank you in advance!

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  1. In eastwood, you need to bring your pet to the reception area to get your pet pass. bring your pet's vaccine papers bago mo siya maipasok sa mall itself :)
    kung sa labas lang like sa park di naman strict masyado pero dalhin na just to be safe

    The establishments have silver or gold pass to indicate kung pwede yung pet on all areas (gold) or limited areas (silver).

    Most of the time silver yung mga places, so sa labas lang pet and pet owners.

    Red Mango though is gold.

    Maybe you can send a note to Eastwood via their FB account to get a complete list. tapos message me hehe i will check your post non:)

    Hope you can compile this ng todo para magamit ko din.

    Much love, Christia

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  2. Thanks, Christia! Will take note of that. :) I hope there are other establishments, even those not mall-based, that welcome pets. :)

  3. I remember one time I brought Jin (my english bulldog) to the vet and we're so hungry na after so we went to SM. Bawal pala. Asar. ): Anyway, I went to this resort in Calumpit Bulacan named Lawiswis Kawayan and the place is perfect for relaxing and super serene talaga and a major plus is they allow pets! Yey! Provided you clean after them syempre. Hehe. :)

  4. I bring my cat Rue to Ayala Triangle Gardens (some restos don't allow pets inside though, but I've managed to bring Rue in Banapple, BFast and BonChon), Greenbelt (we love GB 5 because there are couches where we can relax + it's air-conditioned!) and Bonifacio High Street :)

  5. Thanks for the added locations, PAWsome cats! My cat, Merlin, would like to say Hi to Qish and Rue. :)

  6. Last Saturday I was out with 2 friends and our 2 dogs at UCC Burgos Circle. When the rain got strong and we started getting wet, we asked to step inside near the door while our friend would just get an umbrella so we could leave. We said we would carry our pets. They refused to let us get some shade from the strong rain. They are so mean! They would rather have us get wet and sick! And to think that we have been loyal customers for more than a year already.

  7. Crazy-Nunu, that was kind of mean for them to leave you out in the rain just because you had pets. I can just imagine how a small store (that usually does not allow pets) would make an exemption if circumstances made it necessary. But a lot of stores have employees who have been desensitized to the "human factor" of customer service - all they want is to follow everything written in the book, so to speak.

    I can imagine a good manager handling that incident in a better way. A good manager might even do something extra, such as ask an employee to hold the umbrella for you while you walk to your car. I hope I'm not overestimating the goodness of managers. :)