Nothing To Wear… Again?

Thursday, December 29, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Here’s something I’m not very proud of: I’m a shopaholic. Well, not exactly, but I’m close to being one. I shop to my heart’s content once in a while and two closets is not enough to contain one year’s worth of clothes.

I found out after a while that the problem was not an impulse to shop; it was the disappointment with existing clothes. After a while, you find out that you have so many clothes but nothing to wear!

Can you relate yet? Let me continue – and you might just realize that once in a while, you do find yourself in the same dilemma.

Anyway, because I seem to always be “running out of good clothes”, I knew that it was probably an issue of mismanagement. After a review of what’s in my two closets, I found out that I have forgotten all about my old clothes, most of which I still want to wear. I could go “shopping” in my own closet and still end up feeling like I actually went shopping!

After my “eureka” moment, I decided to take pictures of outfits that I loved; that way, whenever I seem to run out of outfits again, all I have to do is look at old pictures. I suggest you do the same – in the long run, it’s actually more practical than making an inventory or categorizing your clothes.

So, pardon me for the upcoming barrage of photographs. I just want to make sure that I have something to look at when I feel like my wardrobe is no good. Why not go through your pictures and do the same? That way, you will have no excuse the next time you’re staring at your clothes in the closet – and you can go back to your blog post for outfit inspiration! Have fun!

outfit 1outfit 2outfit 3outfit 4outfit 5outfit 6outfit 7outfit 8outfit 9outfit 10outfit 11outfit 12outfit 13outfit 14outfit 15outfit 16outfit 17outfit 18outfit 19outfit 20outfit 21outfit 22outfit 23outfit 24outfit 25outfit 26outfit 27outfit 28outfit 29outfit 30outfit 31outfit 32outfit 33outfit 34outfit 35outfit 36

Whew! I hope I never run out of outfit ideas after this post! And I think I’ve had my shopping fix after cropping these pictures. Never will I say again that I have nothing to wear (hopefully). Fingers crossed

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