3 Surprising Rape Myths You Must Know

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There are many myths about rape, especially after an email started circulating about how long-haired women are more prone to rape. It’s important to educate yourself about how a rapist behaves so that you can avoid becoming a victim. Take this short quiz about rape – and find out if you’re one of the people who have misconceptions about why women get raped:

TRUE OR FALSE: Women with short, skimpy clothes are more likely to get raped.
Answer: FALSE. This is one myth about rape that many people think is true. Rapists can be classified as anger rapists, sadistic rapists, or power rapists – and they’re not that picky. It doesn’t matter how long or short your skirt is; if you’re loitering in a deserted street at 2 a.m. (READ: in the wrong place at the wrong time), then you’re a candidate for any rapist who might be on the prowl.

In other words, if I wore the outfit below, I’d still be safe – as long as I didn’t walk down a dark alley at 3 in the morning.
myths about rape

TRUE OR FALSE: You should put up a fight so that the rapist will be discouraged to proceed.
Answer: FALSE. Some rapists may be discouraged by women who resist. However, a power rapist may just decide to kill a woman who resists (more on that below). There is no safe way to get out of this dangerous situation; in all cases, it’s better to AVOID being in that situation. Don’t walk alone at night. Don’t talk to strangers, even if they seem real nice and want to help you with your heavy shopping bags. Don’t ignore your gut feeling – if something doesn’t feel safe, it probably isn’t.

TRUE OR FALSE: Rapists behave differently and it will be hard to predict their behavior as a group.
Answer: TRUE. There are generally three types of rapists. The anger rapist simply acts out of sheer anger and does not derive any sexual pleasure from rape; instead, he derives pleasure from hurting, choking, and forcing his victim to submit. The power rapist likes ravaging women to prove his machismo, to prove that he is competent. The sadistic rapist likes forced rape – and enjoys it sexually. Given their different profiles, there is no singular approach that would discourage them all. It’s still best to simply AVOID being in a situation where you might get raped.

This quiz on myths about rape is continued HERE.

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