Something You Didn't Know About Google: "Tricky" Search Results

Monday, December 19, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

If you haven’t heard of Google’s tricky search results, then you haven’t been having enough fun online. Google’s search page has an unexpected sense of humor. For instance, try typing “askew” in the search field and click “Search.” Notice anything different with the browser? (Clue: Askew means crooked.

Perhaps the fun I was referring to is too nerdy. But hey, when you’re bored and you’re online, you might as well toy with Google… especially now that it’s asking for it.

Exclusive tricky search results on Google this Christmas season: try typing “let it snow” and you will experience a glimpse of what happens if it actually snows inside your computer. (I especially liked it when my entire screen became foggy and there was a defrost button that showed up.)

google let it snow

But Google isn’t done with its search results games. If you’re remotely Jewish, you will enjoy this one: type “Hanukkah” into the search field and you will see why Hanukkah is indeed the Season of Lights.

Other search phrases you might want to look for on Google:

  • Google gravity. Open Google in a browser, type Google gravity, then click on the button that says “I’m feeling lucky”. Now, that’s a lot of geeky fun. Yes, I know, it takes very little for me to have fun. Laughing out loud Note: this only works when Google instant predictions (under search settings) are switched off.
  • ASCII art. ASCII art is a type of graphic art that uses different symbols and letters to come up with one illustration. And yes, if you’re actually looking for ASCII art, then you are one big geek – and Google likes it that the world is still populated by people like you, thus the ASCII art Google logo in the search results.
  • Recursion. Defining recursion is recursive. Okay, maybe that’s too heavy for you if you’ve never heard of “recursion” before. Let’s just say it’s a term that philosophy professors and students encounter a whole lot. That explains why Google gets philosophical on you when you search for recursion. (Tip: Google says something right under the search field after you get your search results.)
  • Do a barrel roll. Oh yes, Google does not only spew out search results; it also obeys commands, apparently.

Yay Google! Try all the Google tricky search results above and waste 10 minutes of your time. At least, you had fun in the process. Smile with tongue out

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