Going Rural: Visiting Pangasinan

Friday, December 09, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Most people love travelling to the city. The glitz, the glamor, the bright lights, the skyscrapers – I understand the appeal. But staying in the city makes you want to crave for something else, something with a little more rural appeal.

Months ago, I sat on a bus for six straight hours just so I can get a whiff of pollution-free air. Although the trip was six hours of nothing to do, I knew it was worth it when I finally got to the fishponds.


The fishponds stretched for miles in all directions. The sunset was amazing. The air did not smell like smoke, something which actually took getting used to!

The utter lack of buildings was refreshing. My brother and I caught bangus (milkfish) and cooked it on the spot. We watched as the fishermen fed the fish and there was a feeding frenzy, with cute fish lips emerging from the water.


The animals were adorable. There was a newborn goat that caught my fancy (he was so cute!!!). And here’s something I never got to do in the city: sitting still, doing nothing, and staring into space like it’s the “it” thing.

goat at fishpond

If only I can travel without having to wait for hours and hours. Yeah, I know, that will never happen – but we’re all free to wish, yes?

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