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Sunday, December 11, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

My Facebook wall is starting to get littered with random status updates once again, so it’s time to collect the garbage (in a way) and make you smile (or snarl)! I’m bringing you a preview of what I usually post on Facebook, just so you can decide whether or not to follow me on Twitter. Haha, hard sell much?

Anyhow, here they are, the best and the worst status updates on my Facebook wall:

Spotted on Twitter: "I am looking for more opportunities. Do you?" LOL.

Stef dela CruzStuck in my own room with no food and electricity for an entire day, I felt violated.

No, "sissy" is not something you can use to call your sisters and female friends. For the nth time, sissy means wimp or coward. Gah.

When they came up with the game Angry Birds, did they think of what it would mean to actually be playing with, um, "angry birds"?

Relationships: trickier than Physics.

White lies: black lies painted white.

Just because a fellow Filipino is joining an international contest does not mean we should all vote for him/ her. It's not a contest of nationalities.

I'm editing an article by a European writer. First sentence: "As we are aware the value of exercising we can easily relapse if these do occurs think how to get back on the body of your dreams." I think I died a little.

I'm off to the coffee shop to work! No, I'm not a barista.

Facebook has always been a source of entertainment and stress at the same time. I will be writing about how Facebook can be bad for your health in my next post. Perhaps a study should be done to establish a correlation between Facebook and high blood pressure, obesity, deep venous thrombosis, eye strain, mechanical low back pain, and behavioral issues. Flirt male Or you can check out more of my Facebook status updates here and here.

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