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As promised, here are the answers to my previous post, Who’s Who in These Pictures. I asked everyone if they were familiar with these celebrities and famous people. How about you, have you quizzed yourself yet? You can go back to the original post and find out!

Here they are, names to the famous faces.

This is Pepe Smith, the living legend of Philippine Rock ‘N Roll. Man, if you don’t know him, where have you been all these years, under a rock or living in the mountains? (No offense to those actually living in the mountains, hihi!)celebrity-picture-1

No introductions needed for this celebrity: Joey de Leon!


This is the Mental Assassin, Justin Pinon! celebrity-picture-3

This is Caren Mangaran, the lead guitarist of General Luna, an all-girl band.celebrity-picture-4

Here is Mr. Roni Santiago, another living legend and the creator of Baltic & Co. and Planet Opdi Eyps.

Another musician here, Ebe Dancel! He was also the vocalist and front man of Sugarfree before he went solo.

Please ignore the San Mig bottle I’m holding, hehe! Here is Sarah Gaugler, a tattoo artist and the vocalist of Turbo Goth.

Of course, this is Stanley Chi, TV host on GMA News TV’s Hecklines, DJ of DigRadio’s Suplado Show, cartoonist and creator of Copy+Paste and Chopsticks, stand-up comic, and author of the bestselling humor book Suplado Tips! Mr. Suplado, woot!

Senator Pia Cayetano, sitting pretty during her book launch:

And this is Carlos Celdran, a wonderful tour guide in Manila and an activist, too.

That’s Senator Allan Peter Cayetano. If you don’t know him, then perhaps you should research your senatorial candidates for the next election before you bitch about the government. Don’t say you never bitched before! Rolling on the floor laughing

Without further adieu, it’s Paeng Nepomuceno, a World Bowling Champion six times over, and winner of many other bowling awards.

That’s Ony Carcamo, the Philippines’ most renowned ventriloquist. He’s holding one really scary puppet, thus my hiding behind Mr. Carcamo.

That’s former Governor Grace Padaca of Isabela. She just might be running for a government position in the next election.

This is Michael Weiss, the coach of the Philippine soccer team Azkals. Oh c’mon, are you really the kind of person who’s familiar with just the Younghusbands?

Ramon Bautista gives a thumbs-up here. He’s all over TV, so if you don’t know him, you probably don’t know much about current events and whatever is on TV lately, yes?

One of Philippine’s buttery voices, Kitchie Nadal poses with her gold glittery top.
celebrity picture 17

Ooooh, Wolfgang’s Sebastian “Basti” Artadi! Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know him! Peace, love, and rock ‘n roll!
celebrity picture 18

And the quiz stops here. Laughing out loud So, how many of the above celebrities above did you recognize? Perhaps you need to brush up on, um, life in the Philippines right now if you don’t know these people. Hehe! Kidding, partly. But really, it’s sad if you don’t recognize half of the faces above. Get a newspaper or something. Disappointed smile

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