DIY: Easy Halloween Costume Idea

Monday, October 31, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Last Halloween, I had to play dress-up. I knew that many will be dressed as witches, fairies, queens, or princesses. I had to think of a costume that did not entail having to go to the tailor or buying a retail costume at Cheap Costumes ‘R Us. I then came up with this costume:

Halloween costume

Can you guess who I was last Halloween? Open-mouthed smile Rawr! (Okay, in the picture, I wanted a “rawr” moment, but I’m no good at poses, am I? Hihi!)

What I wore last Halloween:

Tiger ears
Layered top
Studded belt
Torn cut-off denims
Black tights
Black boots

I shall post more pictures of a fun Halloween party I attended. But for now, here’s us in a group pic:


If you have other easy Halloween costume ideas that made use of stuff that’s already in your closet, share them with me!

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