5 Surprising Reasons Some People are Photogenic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

I couldn’t get over the fact that “The camera loves you!” is actually more than a flattering statement. Being photogenic, I thought before, was a matter of luck. But no, there are people who naturally know their best angles.

I’ve been doing some research and a little thinking, and I’ve come up with a list of reasons why some people are more photogenic than others:

  1. It’s all about the bones. It doesn’t matter if you have beautiful eyes or great skin, if your bones don’t cast the right shadows. In pictures, lighting makes all the difference – that’s because they put bones in the prettiest perspective. Shadows, nooks, and crannies make a face more appealing if the bones are just right.
  2. Photogenic people know how to strike a pose. They know their best angle and, when it comes to posing, they have it down pat.
  3. Flaws are sometimes hidden by still pictures. These flaws are more obvious in moving objects, which means that in pictures, flaws are appropriately disguised. You will always see a person’s crooked teeth when you talk to him in person, but the crooked teeth can be well hidden if he knows how to smile without showing his teeth. This is why some models make good print models, while they would look less appealing in videos. Besides, the transition from a three-dimensional person to a two-dimensional picture means that not everything will be captured – including flaws that are more obvious in person.
  4. False lashes, contact lenses, and makeup are less obvious in pictures – and they have the power to transform a face. In person, all the makeup, falsies, contacts, and wigs look too fake. But in a picture, they almost look very natural, highlighting just the right features to make a person truly photogenic.
  5. One’s personality is rarely captured by pictures. How you speak, laugh, and move about are frequently portrayed only in real life. In pictures, people become one-dimensional (or two-dimensional, if you want to be accurate).

So, if you’re not photogenic, don’t sweat it!

Photo Shoot Story

During a photo shoot, I saw how certain people are meant to pose in front of the camera. One girl looked so much prettier in pictures than she really was in person – and this was without the help of Photoshop. She was, in my opinion, meant to do print ads and posters. (I just hope she doesn’t make the mistake of doing video ads and commercials.)

In person, the girl had really stiff hair and her hairdo looked unnatural. But in the pictures I myself took, she looked like she was in her element. It was an eye-opening experience for me; who would think that cameras had bias?

Then, there was this other girl who looked really pretty in person. However, in her pictures, her face seemed to have hard, masculine features. She would look great in videos, but probably not as much in pictures. Perhaps being photogenic has a counterpart: being videogenic!

I enjoyed the photo shoot immensely. The setting helped a lot; maybe nature and sunset always made for an effective photography formula. Wow, even the location was photogenic!

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer, nor was I in the photo shoot as one! I was simply lucky to  have tagged along.

Here are a few scenic shots from the photo shoot.

Ninoy Aquino Wildlife ParkNinoy Aquino Wildlife ParkNinoy Aquino Wildlife Park


Hmm, look at these two love birds cuddling up while, unbeknownst to them, I was taking their picture!

Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park

I am not much in front of a camera; I hate the limelight and I want to cower in the corner when somebody points a camera at me. But in the spirit of photography, I had to give it a shot. (And yes, I had no eyes once again.)

stef dela cruz

Unfortunately, I am not photogenic. I suck at pictures! Nevertheless, if the man behind the camera is someone who matters to me, I wouldn’t mind striking a pose and giving a megawatt smile. Send a kiss

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  1. I am not a photogenic either and that sucksss big time!