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Saturday, October 15, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Ever since I shifted from a free domain to my very own .COM domain, I had a lot of trouble. All the backlinks that led to my previous blog seemed to have lost their effect on my blog’s PageRank, and even my new blog posts were not quickly recognized by Google. It was then that I realized how important web hosting was.

Choosing a good web hosting service can spell the difference between seamless website maintenance and troublesome, pain-in-the-neck blog upkeep. I wanted a stress-free blog before, something that I could use to vent. It was only recently that I found the value of using my blog as a platform and as a means of earning a little on the side.

After that, I decided to get my own .COM domain. I was about to buy the domain name at its original price when I remembered that web hosting services usually had promotional codes and discount coupons which you could use to get your domain name at a cheaper price. Good thing I searched for those coupons because I got my domain at about 20% off!

Before you buy your domain, look for promo coupons for web hosting. It’s worth it.

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