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Get the chance to win prescription eyewear or sunglasses OF YOUR CHOICE from Cubik Eyewear by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest!

Cubik EyewearFor every 25 blogs, there shall be ONE WINNER!
Don’t have a blog? Ask your blogger friends to blog for you!

Whether you wear prescription glasses or simply want to wear shades, here’s your chance to get free eyewear from Cubik! What’s more, you can specify which eyewear you want – and what lenses will be used, including the color, tint, and grade, by blogging about Cubik Eyewear.

Cubik eyewear are priced at about PhP3000 minimum. And if you wear prescription glasses, you know that quality eyewear is something you can’t go without.

Blogs that meet the following requirements are qualified to join this blogging event:
1. Blogs that are at least 6 months old;
2. Blogs with at least 30 blog posts;
3. Blogs that have NO spam posts/ duplicate content

Note: If you don’t have a blog, you can ask your blogger friends to blog for you! Winking smile


1. Write a blog post of at least 300 words about Cubik Eyewear and its affordable style and quality. Mention how Cubik eyewear follows standards by allowing only licensed opticians and ophthalmologists to order prescription eyewear.

2. Visit and choose one frame. In your blog post, indicate the NAME of the frame you want and link it to its URL. (For example, if I want the CUBIK 901 BLACK eyewear, the phrase “CUBIK 901 BLACK” should be linked to

3. Indicate whether you want prescription glasses or sunglasses. If you want sunglasses, then indicate the lens shade that you prefer (grey, green, brown, etc.)

4. In your blog post, include a picture of yourself wearing glasses or shades. (This is optional – but a picture is worth 10% of your score!)

5. On your blog post, copy and paste the sentence below (including the links):

“I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest!”

*NOTE: Blog posts with nofollow tags will be disqualified.

6. Post the URL of your blog post as a comment for my blog post.

7. Criteria for judging:
i. Creativity: 50%
ii. Content: 20%
iii. Originality:20%
iv. Quality of Photograph: 10%

8. For every 25 blogs, one (1) pair of glasses shall be given away! The winner/s shall be announced through this blog post. The winner/s will be contacted by Cubik Eyewear for instructions on how to claim the prize.

Each winner is eligible for one (1) pair of personalized glasses. The winner will choose the frame, specify the tint (if applicable), and provide his prescription (if applicable).

In addition, if Cubik Eyewear decides to use your photo for a print ad, you also get PhP1000!

9. Deadline for submission: November 30, 2011, 9 p.m. – EXTENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2011, 9 p.m.!

Good luck and happy blogging! Rolling on the floor laughing

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