Yahoo Mail is Down

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Oh no, Yahoo Mail is down for the count! Starting September 20,2011 at 10:30 p.m., Yahoo Mail started experiencing technical difficulties. If you can’t access your Yahoo email, you’re not alone.

Here is a screenshot of my Yahoo email when I tried to open it:

technical difficulties

According to, Yahoo Mail suffered its latest widespread service disruption five hours ago and, from the looks of it, is still ongoing. Too bad for Yahoo email users (like myself Crying face ) who need to access their inboxes urgently.

The error message on Yahoo Mail does not always come up. Sometimes, your connection times out regardless of a good Internet connection. Any which way, you will have a hard time accessing your Yahoo email.

Last month, Yahoo Mail also had a major service disruption, which caused a lot of violent reactions all over the web. Yahoo was vague about why the email service is down, which outraged even more users. The company simply released a generic apology on how they are trying their best to to correct the issue without stating why there was a problem to begin with.

But fret not; soon enough, we will be able to open our Yahoo emails. If you can’t access your Yahoo inbox, try again in a few hours – or stay tuned to my Twitter account for more info. In the meanwhile, let’s all cross our fingers and hope the problem, whatever it is, gets resolved soon. Fingers crossed

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