Straight Talk Wireless Services: Why They're Worth It

Sunday, September 18, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Everything you need is usually available in one cellphone, given how most cellphones nowadays are Bluetooth-enabled, WiFi-enabled, Internet-capable, and social network savvy. Most phones have built-in calendars or organizers, making the modern mobile phone the go-to gadget. The fact that you can slip it into your shirt’s front pocket or jeans pocket is just a plus factor. But looking at the going rates for mobile subscriptions, opting for postpaid plans might not be for the average Joe.

Fortunately, there are affordable prepaid plans that allow you to send text messages, make calls, and surf the Web. And if you hate having to reload your prepaid plan every so often, Straight Talk actually offers prepaid plans that have an auto-load feature. Using this feature, you can program your prepaid plan to automatically reload, charging it to your credit card. If you no longer need this auto-refill feature, you can cancel the service anytime without having to pay any fees.

Unlimited services also make prepaid plans worth it. Straight Talk offers unlimited text messages, calls, and Internet use for just a monthly fee of $45. That’s about $499 every year, way more affordable than most postpaid plans, especially if you are an avid cellphone user. Call a friend – and don’t ever worry about running out of load! You can also call 411 for free.

If you have loved ones abroad, avail of the International Long Distance services. Hook, line and sinker, Straight Talk’s services are worth taking.

Prepaid mobile plans do not require contractual usage. No need to keep paying a certain sum of money every month for years; you can tailor your cellphone usage according to your budget. There’s no commitment needed; you can stop availing of the wireless service anytime if you use Straight Talk.

If you want brand new cellphones, Straight Talk has tied up with several brands: Samsung, Kyocera, LG, Nokia, and Motorola. If you want Android on Straight Talk, they have several Android phones. If you want reconditioned mobile phones, Straight Talk has those, too. Those reconditioned phones are great for younger users who may want to avail of a camera, mp3 player, internet usage, and Bluetooth. They cost $10, something that anyone on a tight budget can avail of.

Their monthly plan (All You Need) plan includes one thousand call minutes, one thousand texts, and Internet data amounting to 30Mb.

With Straight Talk, you just might get your phone bill to be fifty percent lower than it usually is. For me, having that much savings means getting the chance to spend on something else I might need.

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