Straight Talk Prepaid Cellphone Subscription: Prepaid That Acts Like Postpaid!

Monday, September 05, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

More and more people are using their mobile phones. I, for one, use my cellphone for texting, calling, and connecting to the Web. As a result, my phone bill is way more expensive than my electricity bill. Good job, Stef, you are officially a mobile phone addict!

I use a postpaid plan for convenience. Using a prepaid account means having to register load over and over – and running the risk of running out of load just when you need it the most. In other countries, there are services that allow prepaid accounts to auto-load; that is, even with prepaid accounts, you don’t have to risk running out of load.

This is the case with Straight Talk, a prepaid phone service that allows automatic refills of one’s load. Using a prepaid plan allows consumers to potentially cut their cell phone bills by up to fifty percent of their original expenses.

More and more people are switching to Straight Talk because it allows users to save money. If I were to use Straight Talk, I just might be able to afford one pair of jeans every month instead of having to spend the money on phone bills!

I’ve been a post paid plan subscriber for about ten years now. I have to make the most of my plan; otherwise, I have to pay the minimum monthly fee even if I haven’t maximized the allotted texts and call minutes. On the other hand, with prepaid accounts such as those offered by Straight Talk, you don’t have to be tied down to any contract. Everything you need is available – without the commitment (which I know a lot of people prefer ;D).

Straight Talk also offers plans with phones from Motorola, Nokia, LG, Kyocera, and Samsung. Reconditioned cell phones with mp3 player, camera, Bluetooth capability, and internet access can be availed of at $10, perfect for teens and “tweens”. Higher end models, such as smart phones and touch screen cell phones, are also available.

In addition, you can avail of monthly plans, such as the “All You Need” plan, which offers a thousand minutes of calls, a thousand text messages, and 30 Megabytes of internet data. Call a friend every day without counting the minutes.

In the Philippines, unlimited services are a big trend. At Straight Talk, they also offer an unlimited service every month worth $45, already inclusive of SMS, MMS, calls, and Internet usage. If you avail of this unlimited service every month for a year, that’s just $499 for the entire year. Not bad for unlimited cellphone use! In addition, there are no fees for reactivation or activation – even termination of the monthly unlimited service has no penalty fees. Another plus factor: calls to 411 are free.


Straight Talk also offers a flexible International Long Distance prepaid plan that allows subscribers to call abroad at very low prices. OFWs may want to avail of Straight Talk all the way – hook, line and sinker!

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