Stanley Chi and Joey de Leon: Comedy is No Laughing Matter

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Making people laugh is probably one of the most challenging things to do on a regular basis. Laughter, especially in these jaded times, has almost become a luxury. Perhaps this is why comedians take their jobs seriously, thinking of novel ways to get a hearty laugh from the crowd.

Philippine comedy has always had the reputation of being campy. Some say there’s too much slapstick going around and that humor, for all intents and purposes, need not be low-brow. Whatever your mindset, one thing is for sure: comedy is no laughing matter.

This is why comedians in the Philippines should be given more credit. They are trying to revive an arguably dying art, asking people to open their minds to other types of comedy.

Mr. Joey de Leon, known for his humorous antics in movies and on TV, is a veteran of comedy. He has pursued his passion for comedy in print as well, scribbling away his witty ideas for newspapers. He is also known among his fellow cartoonists as the creator of several comic strips. No, his humor does not stop onscreen.

Stanley Chi and Joey de Leon

It seems that Stanley Chi has followed suit, exceling in many fields of comedy. He is a well-known stand-up comic. He is also the creator of Suplado Tips, a humor book that shows the funnier side of being suplado (standoffish). He is a cartoonist for eight years now, giving Tsinoy life a second look through Chopsticks and giving techies something to laugh at through Copy+Paste.

Stanley Chi is also a TV host for Hecklines on GMA News TV. He also hosts his first solo Internet radio show, The Suplado Show, every Monday at 9 to 11 p.m. on Dig Radio.

Tagged as Mr. Suplado, Stanley Chi was recruited by UniSilver Time to endorse the Suplado Watch. He now joins the line of UniSilver Time endorsers such as Sam Milby and Iya Villania:

Suplado Watch

It then warms my heart that a bigwig comedian such as Mr. Joey de Leon supports other Pinoy comedians, such as Mr. Stanley Chi. Yes, Mr. de Leon has waived opportunities to endorse timepieces before, but he still gamely wears the Suplado Watch to support Stanley Chi’s campaign:

Joey de Leon and Stanley Chi

Who better to support comedians than fellow comedians, yes? Kudos to Stanley Chi and Joey de Leon for showing us that indeed, humor has heart.

Stef dela Cruz and Joey de Leon

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