Prosure Fest: Unite Against Cancer

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“I wanted to share my story to give inspiration to people just like me,” Lorna said.

Lorna Torres is the co-founder of CanShare, a support group for people diagnosed with cancer. She went onstage during Abbott’s event, Unite for Cancer: A Prosure Fest, to tell her story. She was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.


I felt like I was an outsider looking in, knowing I will never know how it is to be in their shoes but hoping I could do something to help share the burden of an illness that holds hope yet no certainty for an absolute cure. I was summoned by my editor to cover a whole-day event for Abbott’s Prosure, a nutrition formula intended to prevent weight loss among cancer patients. But I did not expect to be deep in thought, wondering how I would hold up if I were in the same boat as these exceptional people who have lived to tell about cancer – or are fighting with their lives to do so.

Prosure Fest

I chatted with cancer warriors and survivors, inspired and daunted by what they have been through. All of a sudden, I want to hold tight to my stethoscope and play hero. But I knew that my power, and perhaps even my duties, went beyond being a doctor. It was something I had to write about. It was something I had to keep writing about.

Unite Against Cancer

Perhaps this is why I have been writing articles about cancer for about four years now. I did not know that I would contribute articles for a cancer magazine for that period of time. Moreover, I did not know I would enjoy it.

Stef dela Cruz

And as I bid farewell to Lorna, I saw something in her eyes that made me feel like I am also fighting their battle. Looming over her is a condition that wants to cripple her, but she refuses to succumb. She was a warrior indeed. She was there to inspire others and, with inspiration, hope stays alive.


With Lorna Torres, co-founder of CanShare,
at the Prosure Fest: Unite Against Cancer

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