Pacquiao & Marquez 2011 World Press Tour, Now in Manila!

Saturday, September 03, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 7 Comments

When Stanley Chi told me he wanted me to tag along to the World Press Tour 2011 of Pacquiao and Marquez, I said, “Hell, yeah!” I crossed out the date on my mental calendar (no shopping on September 3!) and I set my alarm like a dutiful blogger. It was official: I was going to Manila Hotel to attend the press conference on Saturday.

It was worth it (kind of). During the Manila press conference for Pacquiao and Marquez, I arrived on time for a heavy lunch of steak with smoked tomato salsa. Tagging along was Richmond Chi, Stanley’s photographer brother. We waited patiently for Pacman to make his appearance.

pacquiao marquez world press tour

During the wait, I met Jun Aquino, a famous painter who now paints for Pacquiao. He showed me two of his works, one of which is priced at PhP4M!

Jun Aquino Pacquiao paintingJun Aquino Pacquiao painting

Soon enough, the cameramen and photographers started rushing to the stage. Yes, it was about to begin. I brought out my press kit, which had fact sheets for both Pacquiao and Marquez, a t-shirt, and a DVD of the Marquez-Pacquiao II fight entitled Unfinished Business (which I’m planning to give away as a special prize during their fight this November 12, 2011).

pacquiao marquez press conference 2011

Pacquiao was asked, “Why did you congratulate your opponent when in fact you were the winner? Did you think you lost? Did you think you didn’t deserve to win?” He answered in his usual crooked English, “I shake hand with him, I do after every fight.” Well said.

Marquez was then asked, “Is it such an obsession for you to fight Pacquiao that if you don’t beat him, your career will never be complete?” He, of course, said no, although I admit that I failed to understand his English because of his heavy accent.

pacquiao marquez press conference 2011

pacquiao marquez manila press conference 2011

Soon enough, the media was clamoring for photo ops from the star fighters. With photographers crowding them, security soon had to step in. I stood by and watched in amusement, wondering how a female photographer would have fared in that competitive jumble of cameras and outstretched arms.

pacquiao marquez manila press conference 2011

Dyan Castillejo was interviewing Pacquiao while photographers pushed their way to the stage. Security had to intervene.

manny pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao being pulled aside. He stands still, almost welcoming the suffocating surge of media crew.

I then got the chance to sit right where Pacquiao and Marquez sat during the World Press Tour. I started to wonder how it felt to be in front of a big crowd, answering questions that would make you sweat.

stef dela cruz

But attending the Pacquiao Marquez press conference wasn’t the best thing yet. Our companion, Richmond Chi, won boxing gloves autographed by Manny Pacquiao! As soon as we got home, we took turns wearing them and taking silly pictures.

stef dela cruzstef dela cruz

Wearing white boxing gloves autographed by Manny Pacquiao. I wonder, how much are these worth?

Who do you think will win the match, Pacquiao or Marquez? All bets are off. Rather, all bets are in! Punch

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  1. “Is it such an obsession for you to fight Pacquiao that if you don’t beat him, your career will never be complete?”- this made me laugh! :D

  2. Oh wow those are really gloves signed by Manny Pacquiao? Envious!

  3. get those white gloves into bidding! :) oooops keep it muna and wait for 2 more decades heheheh

  4. Simply Pochi: Yep, I laughed out loud when I heard that question. :D
    Dennison Uy: They're not mine, though. Hehe!
    Daryll: If they were mine, I would probably sell them. Hehe!

  5. Marquez should consider himself lucky if he lasts 6 rounds against Manny Pacquiao

  6. Mykel: I do hope Pacquiao wins!
    Tara: Thanks. :) I'll be giving away DVDs and other memorabilia on the day of the fight, so do check back!