Suplado Show hosted by Stanley Chi

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Suplado is the new Sexy! Yes, the suplado mania has started.

A few months back, Suplado Tips was launched – and the world’s state of economy has changed forever. People learned how to talk their way out of deadlines (something a blogger like myself can relate to), how to deal with rude cab drivers, and what to do if someone tries to cut in line.

Suplado Tips has sold over 3000 books in just – wait for it – three months! Bob Ong, watch out; there’s a new hit author in town. The suplado tips in the book are funny and actually borrow their humor from real life scenarios. I learned many new suplado ways of handling annoying stalkers, conceited co-workers, and other people who are way out of line in terms of how they treat other people.

It is rather exciting that after Suplado Tips became a hit, Stanley Chi is about to come out with his own line of watch, the Suplado Watch, from UniSilver Time! And yes, Iya Villania is mesmerized by the sexy suplado Stanley Chi, as seen in outtakes of their photoshoot:

suplado watch

To continue with the Suplado Fever, Stanley Chi now has his own internet radio show, to be aired starting this September at Dig Radio (formerly NU 107). It’s called the Suplado Show!

suplado show

It’s sure to be another hit, given Stanley Chi’s knack for candor and humor. Yes, he pulls it off real well – and he’s out to prove it!

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