Rudy-Jing Eatery in Pangasinan: Why I Keep Coming Back for More

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

Going back home is one of my most favorite things to do. Spending time with my family is something I always look forward to… but then there’s also the home-cooked food, even when I’m actually dining out. For instance, Rudy-Jing Eatery became one of the highlights of my trip to Pangasinan.

Rudy-Jing Eatery

Rudy Jing Eatery serves one of my favorite foods: crispy deep-fried catfish. The fish is fried until even its fins are crispy enough to eat. I love dipping it in fish paste or soy sauce with calamansi (the local lemon) before I eat it with a mouthful of steamed rice. Yum!

crispy fried hito

Aside from deep fried catfish, Rudy-Jing Eatery also serves grilled catfish, which we made sure to order. At home, we usually eat grilled catfish with raw sampaloc dip – it’s the best way to enjoy carfish.


We also ordered calamari with the usual thousand islands dressing, frog legs, grilled squid, and giant shrimps.




The crispy fried hito (catfish) costs just PhP150, while grilled hito costs PhP100. Frog legs cost about PhP200.

Rudy-Jing Eatery is actually a simple restaurant; don’t expect an ambient interior. But it is this no-nonsense, unassuming, homey atmosphere that transports you back to your rural roots.

To go to Rudy Jing Eatery and Hitoan, go to Bangsal Restaurant located at Biec East Road, Binmaley, Pangasinan. Then, take the small road right across Bangsal Restaurant. Drive straight ahead and you shall spot Rudy Jing Eatery to your right a few kilometers away.

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  1. I was just here last month also visiting, but not my "home" as this was my "mom's birth place. We (relatives and I) stopped over here on our way to Labrador from Manila. Great pics and thanks for sharing!