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Thursday, August 04, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I had the brilliant (stupid) idea of sharing the opportunity to earn with my fellow bloggers. Just a few days ago, I started telling bloggers that I can help them monetize their blogs. I soon got a lot of entries, so I immediately screened the blogs and started reassigning the budget to them.

Suddenly, I get the accusation that I’m earning TWICE to THRICE what I’m offering them.

What?! I just about wanted to throw in the towel. I try helping bloggers and all I get is skepticism. Really, I’m sure that many other bloggers would be happy to get paid money for blogging.

So frustrated. That’s what comes of trying to share your blessings. Stef, you and your brilliant ideas. Grrrrr.

stef dela cruzBecause of that, I’ll post a pic of me smiling. I don’t need the stress, not to mention the wrinkles.

And to the bloggers who DO want to get their blogs monetized, please show some respect and courtesy (especially if you don’t have the PageRank to back you up).

On second thought, see if I care. Maybe I should just hoard the monetization opportunities and keep all the money.

And to the bloggers who were grateful enough for the chance to get their blogs monetized, I have more opportunities for you very soon. Smile

If you want me to monetize your blog, read the details here.

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