Bizu Patisserie at Greenbelt, Makati: My Dessert Haven

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Bizu Patisserie and Bistro, located at Greenbelt 2, Makati, is one of my go-to places for dessert. The reason I love going to Bizu is their macaroons (Macarons de Paris), which they carry in many flavors: strawberry, mint, butterscotch, rose, pistachio, chocolate, and many more.


On my latest visit to Bizu, I ordered a pistachio macaroon (but of course!). The crumbly biscuit sandwiches a creamy, marshmallow-like center. You might also want to try strawberry macaroons sprinkled with freshly ground pepper. Yes, pepper and strawberries may seem like an odd mix – and I thought this as well. But it’s one of those odd tandems that just go well together. Think: chocolates and peanut butter, dinuguan and puto. Smile

Bizu macaroon

I also ordered a single serving of Yoga, a cake made of lemon custard, yogurt, and passion fruit. It tastes tangy and a little sour, something you might want if you want dessert that does not overpower with sweetness.


I also ordered the Jolie from Bizu’s selection of flourless and sugarless French cakes. Jolie is a layered mousse cake made with Kahlua and chiboust cream. It tastes delectable and sweet but not vulgarly saccharine. It’s the kind of dessert you will cherish, whether or not you have a sweet tooth.


Bizu opens at 7 in the morning, perfect for early risers who want a scrumptious breakfast. Their menu is full of different options, so you are sure not to run out of food to order. Expect to shell out about PHP400 to PhP500 for every meal. If you want dessert, that will cost you an extra PhP300 to PhP400.bizu

Yes, perhaps that’s too pricey for everyday meals, but Bizu also offers free WiFi. When I was still studying for medical boards, I used to be a coffee shop resident, ordering coffee and dessert nonstop, even without free WiFi. Imagine the convenience of paying a little more, just to have access to the Internet all the live-long day.


Visit Bizu Patisserie and Bistro at Greenbelt 2, Makati City. They also have another branch at The Promenade in Greenhills.


Contact Information:

Bizu Patisserie and Bistro
Greenbelt 2, Makati
Tel. No. (02) 757-BIZU(2498)

The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
Tel No. (02) 724-BIZU(2498)

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