Suplado Watch from Unisilver Time by Stanley Chi

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Yes, there’s a Suplado Watch. Suplado… is the new Sexy!

Stanley Chi, the author of the bestseller Suplado Tips, has wowed the Philippines with his unorthodox book. Suplado Tips is a compilation of pointers on how to assert yourself with panache. Here’s an example of a suplado tip:

Kung may nagsusungit sayo at sinabing mainit ulo niya dahil gutom siya, hiritan mo ng, “Hoy gutom din ako, baka patulan kita!” 

(roughly translated as: If someone is being a bitch because she’s hungry, say, “I’m hungry too, so don’t wait for me to be a bigger bitch!”)

The suplado plane has landed!

And yes, it’s time to make the suplado fans get a little more dose of supladoness. This time around, Unisilver Time is launching the Suplado Watch, endorsed by none other than Stanley Chi, the one and only Mr. Suplado of the Philippines.

Iya Villania joins Stanley Chi during the Suplado Watch photoshoot. Iya gamely poses with Stanley, giving everyone a run for their money.

Here are a few pics from the Suplado Watch photoshoot:

The “before” pic:Suplado Watch Stanley Chi Unisilver Time
The “after” pic (with matching hairdo and makeup):nnnn
That’s me in the pic below, taking a peek at the pictures for Stanley Chi’s standee:Unisilver Time Suplado Watch Stanley Chi

Me, Paelo (photographer), Stanley Chi, and Ruel (makeup artist)
(pic courtesy of Unisilver Time)

And finally… drum roll please…

Iya Villania and Stanley Chi

for the Suplado Watch from Unisilver Time!

Suplado Watch Stanley Chi Iya Villania

Suplado Watch

Suplado Watch Stanley Chi Iya Villania

More pictures will be posted soon!

Suplado Watch will be available at UniSilver Time kiosks and stores nationwide this August! Open-mouthed smile Find out more about the Suplado Watch here.

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