Sarcastic Note to Self

Thursday, July 28, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

Yesterday, I was called a nuisance behind my back because I purportedly “picked a fight” with someone at a time that was inconvenient for that person. I heard that person tell his brother, “Of all the times she could pick a fight, she would do it when I’m this busy and I’m about to sleep. What a nuisance!”

I did not know that getting mad at someone who mistreated you was “picking a fight”; I always assumed it was simply getting mad at something worth getting mad at. I also did not know that when a person does not treat you the right way, you have to pick a fight some other time that is convenient for that person. I always assumed that if someone maligns you, you should let it be known that you are not going to take it sitting down, regardless of whether or not the maligner is, um, “busy”.

So, here’s my sarcastic note to self:

When someone mistreats you, don't "pick a fight" when he/she is busy and/or about to sleep. That way, you don't get called a pest behind your back. Instead, schedule it some other time when it is convenient for said person.

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