Male Doctors in Pink Scrubs: Yay or Nay?

Friday, August 12, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 3 Comments

Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? Notice how everyone wears boring doctors scrubs but they still look good anyway? Well, not everyone is that lucky.

In the real world, people wearing scrubs will look very austere and will definitely carry the air of a medical professional. There are even spas that use scrubs as a uniform for their employees, a fact that makes wearing scrubs an even trickier wardrobe choice for a lot of doctors and nurses. Yes, uniforms are supposed to make employees look professional, but do they always have to be a fashion aficionado’s worst nightmare?

Well, of course not. Some doctors and nurses have enough fashion sense to jazz it up. First off, wearing clothes that fit well will definitely make you look more polished. It then seemed like a great idea to wear scrubs, tailored to look sexy and chic, as a costume in a party!

pink scrubs

Here’s a picture of baseball players wearing pink scrub tops. I know, totally unrelated, but don’t they look adorable wearing pink?

Perhaps I could wear long sleeves under the scrubs, just like how the doctors in Grey’s Anatomy do it. There’s something really interesting about wearing doctors’ clothes, even if it’s just for a party. And the long sleeves will make it so official. But aside from that, how do you spruce up scrubsuits for them to look great?

This then brings us to the idea of men wearing pink scrubs. The idea of buff, muscled nurses wearing pink or peach scrubsuits, such as in the nursery, is both adorable and intriguing. At that point, it stops becoming a fashion issue; it just becomes a fact of life that people wear what gets the job done – but yes, everyone can still look good in scrubs.

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  1. R Cowley Shock Trauma staff all wear pink scrubs :-)

  2. Really? Pink so reminds me of cotton candy, really. Fun color for a trauma staff, don't you think? :)

  3. Man and pink, It really is just opposite. They don't match. Yeah, Maybe in case of cotton candy, Men and pink can go together :)