Mayan Maze Free Game Download and Review

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

Game: Mayan Maze
Price: Absolutely Free
Hours of gameplay: Depends on player’s skill level
Degree of difficulty: Medium


Mayan Maze Review

Mayan Maze Free Game Download

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Mayan Maze Game Summary:

Mayan Maze is a free game with one objective: get rid of all the balls in the board and you proceed to the next level. If you have played Zuma before and you have found yourself addicted to it, then Mayan Maze is going to be a game you’ll love!

Each level shows a string of balls of different colors. Aim one ball at a time at the string of balls until you get three or more balls in a row for those balls to disappear. The more balls are matched, the better your chances at getting power-ups that help you. You can also purchase powerups using the points you have earned from each level.

Mayan Maze Game Review:

Graphics, animation, and audio are great. For a free game, it offers endless hours of gameplay.

Mayan Maze does have a few bugs which, luckily, are resolved by relaunching the game. The most common bug I’ve encountered while playing Mayan Maze was that the ball launcher usually ran out of balls, so proceeding with the game was impossible. Simply exit the game and open it again, and the problem gets resolved. Don’t worry, your previous progress is always saved, regardless of what part of the game you are in.

There is supposed to be a prize when you finish the game. The screen displays a congratulatory note, saying “You have found the lost civilization’s treasure!” However, when I clicked on the button, it simply redirected to the download website – and there was no add-on for the game. In other words, once you finish the game, that’s it.

Still, it was an amusing game, one I would like to play when I get bored or burnt out from work. Download Mayan Maze for free by clicking on the link below. It has no viruses, worms, or trojans – Norton attests to it! Enjoy! Smile

download mayan maze free

Download Mayan Maze

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  1. Great game download! Worked like a charm!

  2. Thanks! I'll be posting more free game downloads and reviews soon. :)