Holly’s Coffee in Manila, Philippines

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Who knew there would be Holly’s Coffee in Manila, Philippines?


There’s a new café in town. A couple of days ago, I went outside my condominium to find a pleasant surprise waiting for me. Holly’s Coffee has just opened! It looks even cozier than a Starbucks coffee shop. They also have computers ready for customers, and they will be providing free WiFi for customers in a week.


Holly's Coffee


I tend to work best in an environment that encourages creativity. Holly’s Coffee in Taft Avenue, Manila is definitely going to be one of my favorite go-to places. It’s right beside De La Salle University, making it accessible to students. And, even better, it’s right across my home. Yay!


I love that they also use the Beeping UFO. It’s a disc-shaped device that vibrates and beeps, complete with flashing LED lights, when your order is ready for pickup.


Holly's Coffee


Their food options are mainly carbohydrate-rich pastries and cakes, something which I wish they’d change. How I’d love to have chicken wraps or salads with my coffee. However, they do serve unique Korean drinks which other coffee shops don’t offer. I’m definitely going to try one of those the next time I drop by.


Holly's Coffee


The lights inside are a little harsh; they use spotlights that brighten up the entire place. I’d love it if Holly’s Coffee toned it down a notch. The chairs and tables are very cozy though, and it’s nice to see a coffee shop that offers free, yes, FREE, WiFi.


*Holly’s Coffee is now in the Philippines! Holly’s Coffee is located at One Archer’s Place, Taft Avenue corner Castro Street, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from De La Salle University.

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