Why Neutered Cats Still Hump

Wednesday, June 08, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 3 Comments

Dogs sometimes hump their humans. I mean, they hump everybody’s legs, they hump furniture, and that’s something almost all dogs do. Yes, dogs. So, what do I do when my cat starts humping everything like a dog does?

Answer: I take a video.

My beautiful cat has already been neutered, but he still has a stuffed toy that he humps. He sometimes gets bored with the stuffed toy and goes for my leg. He gets so frustrated (I can just imagine!) when I shoo him away gently, so I distract him with his favorite stuffed toy. Today, however, he was looking at me with such intense eyes that would have creeped me out if I wasn’t laughing so hard. I then took a video of it:


Experts say neutered cats still hump to show superiority. Others say it’s an instinctive behavior, kind of like kids exploring their gender-related personas. I also read about a few experts claiming that cats sometimes develop this behavior when there is a new person in the household or you’ve been really busy lately, as a way to get your attention.

Perhaps I’ll never figure out why my cat keeps humping my leg. But this funny video, I hope, will endear our pets to us all the more. They give us love (and sometimes even more), so we should celebrate every funny moment we have with them. Here’s to funny animal videos, and may our cats and dogs live forever in our hearts! Open-mouthed smile Oh, and you can follow me and my black cat on Facebook – please do!

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  1. My cat recently started doing the same thing and I was searching to see if this was normal. I was a little creeped out when he looked at me with "the stare" lol. I'm glad I'm not alone. My boy almost died a couple months ago and I nursed him back to health with a feeding tube so maybe this is his way of showing affection. Thanks for the video.

  2. I'm glad this video helped you! I was starting to wonder if it was foolish of me to document this funny moment. And your cat must be so luck to have you as his human if you nursed him back to health. The world needs more cat owners like you. :)

  3. It creeps me out. Like Anonymous Nov 19 my cat was close to death a few months ago and I nursed him back. I will have to speak with our vet on our next visit.