To Be Stylish And To Be Fashionable

Monday, June 06, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Fashion and style are so different, although they have been cut from the same cloth. Fashion is about trends, designers, runways, models, and anything that has everything to do with glamour. Style, on the other hand, is much more personal. It speaks of self-expression, of a language you speak through clothes. But fashion and style do go hand in hand.


A lot of people think immediately of brands when you say fashion. They think of Michael kors, Louis Vuitton, or the late Alexander McQueen. A lot of shoe lovers go for Cole Haan, Manolo Blahnik, Stuart Weitzman, or Christian Louboutin. Talking about fashion is talking about names that are admittedly hard to pronounce. On the other hand, talking about style is discussing a sensibility that may make sense only to you.


And a lot of us do get the urge to splurge, just to be called fashionable. We end up buying a pricey Balenciaga motorcycle bag because it makes us look like we are in the know in terms of fashion. If we want to look upscale, we would give an arm and a leg just to get our hands on a Chanel bag. But spending on expensive designer goods is not something that would give you a sense of style.


stefBeing trendy does not equate to being stylish. Style is cultivated, something that develops over time. It evolves slowly, becoming a window to your own taste. Picking up on trends may be something you can do anytime, but having style is something that does not come easily.


In the end, it is not about having the most expensive YSL bag, or wearing the latest look on the 3.1 Phillip Lim runway. No, it’s about knowing what looks good on you, wearing what seems sensible, and doing so with confidence.

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