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If you are looking for the best tequila, you should try going through the many tequila reviews found online. Different tequilas have different strengths and weaknesses: some have just the perfect smoothness but lack strength; others are strong but lack the smooth quality that people look for in a shot of tequila. Below are several summaries of different tequila reviews that you might want to read before you settle on a favorite.


corrido tequilaCorrido Tequila. This relatively new brand was released almost two years ago. Their tequila is available in several versions, including extra anejo and blanco. The flavor of Extra Anejo Corrido Tequila is very reminiscent of butterscotch. The blanco version is crisp and would make a wonderful base for cocktail drinks. However, this brand may not be widely available in certain areas.


Dos Lunas. This brand has produced a super premium line. Bottled in Mexico, their tequila versions include grand reserve, silver, anejo, and reposado. At 80 proof, they feature a strength and smooth flavor that give them their super premium blend.


Tanteo Tequila. This company has produced three infused brands of tequila: chocolate, jalapeno, and tropical tequila. As many other tequila reviews would attest, all three are tasty, with the jalapeno tequila becoming a popular choice. They are infused by hand using natural ingredients. The tropical flavors (pineapple, mango, and guanabana) has a peppery taste that give character to their fruity nature. The chocolate tequila involves both jalapeno and raw cocoa, bringing a unique strong blend that adventurous palates might like. However, the chocolate tequila is best enjoyed for sipping and has a very limited role in cocktail drinks. Despite the tequilas having a jalapeno infusion, the jalapeno flavor is not overpowering or too spicy. They have a rich, smooth flavor that can be tolerated even by those who are not fans of jalapeno.


Patron Silver Tequila. This is a brand that can be marketed well for those who have not yet developed a taste for tequila. According to many other tequila reviews, it has a full agave flavor that does not overpower the senses and comes in a smooth texture. It is great for sipping but it would also be perfect as an alcohol base for cocktail drinks, especially those that use fresh fruits in the mix. However, this brand is expensive.


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