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1800 Select Silver Tequila. This tequila brand is 100 proof (50 percent by volume), giving it an alcohol content that is high enough for enjoyment. This is balanced by a smoothness that complements its strength nicely.


tequila tezonTequila Tezon. The method of production used by this tequila brand is a combination of conservative technique and modern standards. Each type of tequila under the Texon brand is unique. For instance, the Blanco variety is quite clear and silky, while the Reposado variety carries a note of vanilla and a spicy bite. The Anejo variety, on the other hand, is quite velvety. It tastes creamy and has an oaky, butterscotch flavor.


Siembra Azul. This tequila is produced by a relatively new company. They have released three tequilas (anejo, blanco, and reposado) to date. All of their tequilas are made of 100% blue agave. Unlike other tequila brands, their tequilas are much lighter and have a fruity taste. Whether as a cocktail base or as a plain drink for sipping, this tequila is topnotch. However, the lightness of this brand may be something that other tequila aficionados may not like.


IXA Silver Tequila. Many tequila reviews will reveal how IXA Silver Tequila is actually an organic brand of silver tequila. It tastes like aged tequila but lacks the characteristic oak note; however, it still has an earthy flavor. It has a rich, clean, buttery finish, something unusual in tequilas. This brand, as are all other brands under the Green Bar Collective, is eco friendly. A special process is used in the production of this tequila, where only organically grown agave is used after it has matured completely. The agave is then baked gradually in clay ovens, after which the fibers are distilled & fermented. Other distilleries use agave juice, but IXA Silver Tequila is made from distilled agave fibers. This method is much more complex, but it adds to the earthy notes found in the final product.



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