Game Show Was Rigged Is What I Think

Monday, June 27, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Today, I was watching my favorite game show when I realized that something was wrong:game show was rigged


It was as if the game was rigged, scripted to look like someone genuinely won.


The game (which I’m not going to name so that I don’t get sued – but if you’re “more intelligent than a ten year old”, you might be able to guess) involves answering ten to eleven questions to win a jackpot of $250,000. The woman seemed smart enough. Some people were even bowled over by how she answered one of the questions, which she said was a “guess.”


You see, she seemed too scared about her guess, and her fear was not proportionate to the intelligent guess that she did. It took a precise knowledge of integers and the properties of different triangles to do the calculation. The answer was easy enough if you knew what the many types of triangles and if you had just a little imagination. But to come up with a precise answer and to seem so scared of it seemed so… theatrical.


To paint a more vivid picture, imagine this: if I asked you to tell me what you ate yesterday and you were able to enumerate even the grams of pepper you used on your meals – and then you act all unsure and say you’re just guessing – then it will seem like you’re just acting dumb.


Yeah, I knew something was up with that episode.


I wanted to know if the contestant was indeed “more intelligent than a ten year old.” After winning all ten questions on the board, she was given the option of answering the jackpot question. If she got it right, she’d win $250,000. If she didn’t, she’d lose the $25,000 she had already won – and go home with nothing.


She seemed to be a smart woman. Yet she just went for the jackpot question and risked all the money she had. And yes, she won the jackpot, again making one of those guesses which she seemed “unsure” of.


I then started fishing online to see if my suspicions were correct. I saw a news bit that made me even more suspicious. The news article said she did not tell her husband for months that she won the jackpot. She “invited a camera crew to her house and let them record as she and her husband watched the pre-recorded episode for the first time.” And, believe it or not, it was the first time the husband found out that she won $250,000.


Really? You could do that? You could join a TV game show, come home, and not tell your husband the results of the contest for like half a year? And your husband won’t even try to urge you into telling him what happened? Really???


It all sounded too fishy.


It seems that very few people are “more intelligent than ten-year-olds.” But really, the entire thing sounded like it was a second rate B-movie plot – and totally rigged.

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