Couples Who Don’t Fight Soon Break Up

Thursday, June 09, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 9 Comments

According to a relationship article, “A semi-happy marriage is one of low conflict, low passion, and low satisfaction.” This means that couples who barely fight are couples who don’t care much about each other that they don’t see any point in fighting in the first place. It may also mean that these couples are avoiding issues that they have, deluding themselves into believing that a life without conflicts is a life without problems.


On the other hand, people who are passionate about their beliefs and feelings, especially towards each other, can’t wait to settle their issues, even if it means an argument or a drawn-out discussion. Couples who feel that their partner’s opinions matter will hash it out to make sure everything is settled – even if it means having a long discussion that ends with, “Let’s just agree to disagree.” In the end, airing out issues and knowing that an effort has been made to resolve them is the spice that keeps relationships flavorful, the spark that keeps the fire going.


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Passion and conviction are important, that’s for sure. But the above realization is arguably a surprising one, since we expect couples to be better off if they’re rarely arguing about anything. Unfortunately, it was found out that having too few arguments means that the couple will easily get bored with each other.


Boredom can result in, no surprise here, infidelity. How many times have you heard of the seemingly happy couple who have healthy and happy kids, but who suddenly break up because one (or even both) want out?


Good news for those who keep bickering: you are passionate enough to care about what your partner thinks. So, don’t envy those who seem to be perfectly in tune with each other. Chances are, they’ll get bored out of their wits one of these days. Just make sure that when you do argue, you do so fairly. Don’t argue for the sake of arguing. Fight in moderation, I’d say. And yes, no name-calling and cursing. Keep it clean. Smile

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