Controlling Your Anger

Friday, June 10, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Anger is not bad. It is an emotion, a natural thing for every human to experience. What becomes either bad or good is how we express this anger. Do you scream and curse when you’re angry? Or do you discuss your issues with the person involved, hoping to achieve a resolution? Anger either makes us or breaks us.

The good deeds that you do will not matter if you do not know how to control yourself when you are angry. Man’s capacity for restraint is what makes him different from any other living thing; man tries his best to show his civilized side regardless of how tempting it is to act like any other animal. We have learned to control emotions, instead of being controlled by emotions.

How about you, are you still in control whenever you get angry? Or do you lose your mind a little bit? Does anger overcome all your sensibilities? If you have anger management problems, don’t simply push them aside. Deal with them and be a better person by keeping your words and actions in check – even when you’re angry.


The above quote was taken from the book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. It’s a book worth reading.

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