Why SEO Is Similar To Life

Sunday, May 29, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 2 Comments

There can only be so many search results.


In the end, the search results that people eventually choose are the ones that make it to the first page – in the virtual world, that is. Put in enough keywords, give a web page enough sites linking to it, and it becomes a winner in search engine results. And maybe that’s the same in the real world, where keywords like family, trust, money, and life are all used to get others to search for you more.


People relate to others based on what similarities they hold. Do they have similar family backgrounds? Do they belong to the same financial bracket? Do they trust each other? Are their lives intertwined in more ways than one? If there was a search engine for every single memory we had, I bet that people with similar keywords and search phrases would be drawn closer to each other.


And then we break the rules – to hell with our own built-in search engines. We search and search all our lives for the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect partner, the perfect life. No, it doesn’t exist. There will only be search results that are most similar to what you’re looking for. You can use one search word and many results will come up, but when you click on that top search result, chances are, what you’re looking for is not all there.


qqqqqqqqqqqqqPeople who have great search engines in real life find the best results and get to play their cards right. But when your search engine doesn’t use an algorithm that really gets the best results, you just might end up regretting your choices in life.


I wonder, what’s wrong with my search engine? Am I using the wrong one? Or am I simply typing in the wrong keywords? I better brush up on SEO – in real life, that is.

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  1. Never thought that way before. Cool comparison.

  2. Thanks. But speaking of SEO and all that, you shouldn't be posting here - it's not gonna earn you a higher page rank.