Why Life Should Always Be Treasured

Tuesday, June 07, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

No, life is not about winning, or getting the most kicks, or kicking the most butts.


It was probably a little too late when I learned all that. Living my Stef-life for about thirty years now, I’ve been ambling on, hoping to just survive what seems to be an understatedly dangerous existential state. Life did not come with a handbook, after all. Yes, there was the small matter of learning stuff in school, but how could 1 + 1 help you when everything else in life is incalculable? Things that matter rarely add up.


I don’t know why I even woke up with that in mind. I was probably in the middle of a dream when consciousness came crawling back to me. It was going to be another slow day for me, something that’s very good for my burnt out mind.


I need to slow down. Or maybe life needs to speed up. (Whatever scratches your itch.)

Perhaps you don’t get my drift. Perhaps you never will. But that’s not entirely my fault. The doctors tell me I’m trying to actually live short of my potential (I was apparently gifted). But you know what they say, doctors can be wrong. Besides, your EQ is more important than your IQ test results.


Maybe I’m not gifted. Maybe I’m just weird and I pull that genius image off real well.


stef dela cruzOkay, before this turns to a self-absorbed post, allow me to get back on track. They say that smart people get ahead in life. Maybe so, but there are things that require a little more than IQ points. Sometimes, to win, you need to lose. You need to collect a few stupid mistakes for you to become wiser. You need to get hurt, bashed to the point of bruising, and beaten to the point of dying before you realize you’re incredibly lucky to be alive.


There, I’ve finally jotted it down. I can go back to being superficial now.

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