Viewing Houses at Portofino, Muntinlupa

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

They say home is where the heart is. But without a house, where exactly is home? I accompanied my friends to Portofino, where we went looking at houses. After a lot of photo ops (and believe me, I took advantage of every single one), we went swimming. When it’s this hot, there’s nothing sweeter than getting all your fingers wrinkly from soaking too long in the pool.




Unfortunately, my friend Muriel misunderstood the whole thing. Both of us ended up not bringing swimsuits. Yes, I know, I really should kill her…


swimming pool portofino
Yep, I didn’t have my swimsuit. It was a warm day, and all I could do was watch in envy. Sad smile

Portofino seemed like a wonderful community. The houses were beautiful – and I could just imagine how pretty the entire village would look like once it’s filled with houses. I’ll be uploading more pictures of my stay at Portofino, so check back soon! Smile

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