Rock ‘N Roll With Pepe Smith

Monday, May 02, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 3 Comments

So there I was, walking without a care in the world, checking my email on my phone when someone saunters past me with a very familiar stride.


Holy cow, it’s Pepe Smith!


I rushed back to Kenny Rogers and ran back to my friends after I very, very slowly recovered from my unbelievable denial. I said, “Guess who I saw! Pepe Smith!”


They replied, “Guess who’s with us in a picture! Pepe Smith!”


I almost pulled my hair out when I saw ALL MY FRIENDS posing with Pepe Smith. Apparently, my friend Muriel followed Pepe into the Adidas store and screamed her lungs out to have her picture taken with him: “PEPE SMIIIIIITH!!! PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!” (I asked her, whatever possessed her to scream inside the Adidas store? She said she couldn’t care less because she wasn’t going back there anyway.)


I sank back into my chair inside Kenny Rogers. I guess the opportunity has passed. Then I see the same familiar stride headed my way.


Holy cow, it’s Pepe Smith – again!


Apparently, he was seated right beside us at Kenny Rogers. I then (finally!) had a picture taken with the rock legend. Of course, the shameless Muriel stood up and rushed to my side like the crazy fan she was, brazenly sharing the photo op with me (and I shall kill her for it):



How silly, Pepe Smith was still holding his claim number!


I never thought ordering yogurt and saying “Let’s rock ‘n roll!” would go so well together. I knew it; eating at Kenny Rogers would do me good one day. Smile

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