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Friday, June 03, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 4 Comments

Many have been looking for Pinoy bloggers online, making me wonder why. Look around and you’ll see a lot of these ads:

Wanted: Pinoy Blogger

Pinoy Blogger for Hire

Pinoy Blogger Wanted

Pinoy Writer/ Blogger Wanted

I’m beginning to think that a lot of agencies have been looking for Filipino bloggers because labor is cheap in the Philippines. And because of the lack of opportunities in the country, most writers and bloggers go for so-so jobs from abroad, whether overseas or telecommute, as long as it puts bread on the table.


Bloggers and writers should get together and give each other the break they need. However, in this cut-throat world, the bloggers who are earning a lot don’t want to share their opportunities with amateurs among their ranks. Selfish, sad, but true.


I’ve received a lot of offers asking me to write long articles for unfair rates. I’ve said no so many times – and I don’t regret it. I wait for good breaks and take them. I’ve been busy with blogging and writing that I don’t even have the time to update my blog properly, such as change the favicon, change the theme, etc. Not that I’m complaining. I am a Pinoy blogger, but I can write better than some people who claim to be native English speakers. No, don’t take us Pinoy bloggers for granted. Besides, are you sure you can afford me? Winking smile


Oh, and yes, I’m looking for Pinoy bloggers. Hihihi. Leave a comment if you’re interested.

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Stef dela Cruz is a doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She maintains a health column in Health.Care Magazine and contributes to The Manila Bulletin. Add her to your circles.


  1. go girl! filipino are better with some others out there! go pinoy bloggers! thanks for the comment in my blog ^^

  2. Thanks, dear. :) Here's to raising the standards.

  3. That's cool! I've been wondering about the same thing a while ago after browsing oDesk, and they were saying, "Filipino bloggers wanted, 40 cents per article." It was really degrading. But the thing for newbie bloggers like me is that we need training, or at least guidance. I've been blogging on and off for a year now, and I hardly understand the industry. :(

    If you're looking for an apprentice, I'd gladly raise both arms up!:)

  4. Great! I'll check out your blog. :)