I'm Learning To Put On Makeup - May God Help Me

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 4 Comments

It’s rainy season once again! So, it’s time to… learn how to put on make up!

Er, yeah. Those two thoughts are so not connected. But this is my blog, so I can write whatever I want, yes? Anyhow, I’ve been looking for a good concealer. I’ve grown accustomed to makeup that teens use. Now, it’s time to graduate to MAC and all other brands that take themselves seriously.

I’ve been trying to look for a good lipstick, too. And a good blush color. So far, what I have is… compact powder.

Wow. That’s not much, is it? I do have lipstick and blush, but it’s just for day wear. Anyway, this is me wearing very minimal makeup (which is what I wear even at night, huhu). I’m not wearing my brown contacts, so you can see my normal eye color, too. Tell me what colors would look good on me. Do you have specific recommendations, brands you trust and which you think would be great for my skin color? Hit me with a comment and I’ll try not to hit back.

Hehe. Kidding.


I’m wearing a very light pink lipstick (almost imperceptible in person, completely unnoticeable in pictures), a light pink blush, and powder. I know, I know, I look washed out. Makeup gurus, help!

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  1. I can teach you the basics steffie, but im not a pro :)

  2. Well, I know nothing about makeup, so I'm sure there's a lot you can teach me! :)

  3. you look beautiful even without make up! i got make up stuff i can give you if you want, venture on a good blush and eyeshadow. once you liked them,, you can't stop na wanna bet?! which brands are you eyeing to get? suggest you get Clinique or Bobbi Brown. ask me anytime :))

  4. Aw thanks, dear! Actually, I look really washed out without makeup. I do need a good eyeshadow, but I want one in neutral colors - and one that is noncomedogenic! Sigh, it's hard enough to look for good makeup, let alone non-comedogenic makeup...