Hosting (Never Again)

Saturday, May 07, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

I was blissfully staying longer than I should in bed, trying to make the most of a lazy Saturday, when the phone rang. Already, I knew something was up. And yes, I was right yet again.

This Saturday was not going to be lazy after all.

As chance would have it, someone failed to show up for a hosting stint at a major mall event. I was contacted to fill in for him, an offer I would have vehemently said no to, with matching shaking of my gorgeous newly-curled hair, if not for the fact that my friend was the one who recommended the no-show. Ah, what we do for our &$%@# friends…

I got my gorgeous bum off the bed and went about with my morning rituals. First, I had to find a pink shirt. Pink?! I don’t wear pink. I’m not a pink person! But it turns out that I have way more clothes than I would want my mother to find out, because I have several pink shirts. Ah, excessive shopping and its benefits…

After an hour and a century, I finally arrived at the mall, reading announcements and asking mothers onstage why tomorrow is special (answer: it’s Mother’s Day).

mother's day event

I avoid the limelight at all costs. I do not enjoy being the focus of attention. I have debilitating stage fright, one I willingly conquer only during dire moments (like when I need to present a patient’s case in a conference and I need to be my charming self). All the butterflies in my stomach aside, everything went well. I earned a few winks, too – and it’s only because those well-intentioned boys thought I was in my twenties… which I’m not! Ah, the wonders of a curling iron. But I digress.

mother's day

Hosting the Mother’s Day event at

Robinson’s Place Manila

Anyhoo, I started enjoying myself. I guess I really am a Leo and I’ve only been suppressing my love for dramatics and attention. Or maybe I simply had to get the whole hosting thing done, just to get out of there as fast as my legs and my tucked-in tail would let me.

There, there. It wasn’t that bad. I knew I had my moments. But one thing’s for sure: I shall never host again (unless I receive another desperate phone call). For more about what I did during this event, you just have to read this and look at the pictures.

Oh, oh, and did I mention I curled my hair? (Ehem, I know I did; I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.) Wadya think?

And to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Open-mouthed smile

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