Fate Favors The Prepared

Sunday, May 15, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

Preparing to leave someone is like dragging your nails through a blackboard. You have to find records of passwords you share, start thinking of what to say to common friends, and begin the process of detaching yourself from the rest of his life. Saying it’s not a walk in the park is a gross understatement.


It’s also an eye-opening thing to do, something that serves like a catharsis of everything toxic that you were forced to hold on to before you made the decision to put and end to it. Although it feels really bad, you know it’s the beginning of something really good.


Of course, you have to prepare for weight changes, whether they be lost weight or added pounds. Your wardrobe will go through some degree of transformation in a few weeks, depending on whether you lose your appetite or if you start binging on chocolate cake.


Anyway, where is my blackboard? I’m ready to drag my nails through it.

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