Fashion Bloggers Wanted

Thursday, May 12, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 18 Comments

So, you’re a fashion blogger. You have your own fashion blog and you’ve been updating it regularly. Well, I happen to be looking for fashion bloggers.


Fashion bloggers wanted here! If you want to get paid for blogging about fashion, please read the requirements for this task:

  • Please leave a comment, stating your blog. I want to see if the blog checks out and meets the requirements.
  • Email me at unorthodoxie AT yahoo DOT com and tell me that you want to be paid as a fashion blogger.


Good luck! I’m looking for many fashion bloggers, so if you have more than one, tell me about them all!


“Fashion is not only about

spending on clothes.

It’s also about

earning from them.”

A lot of fashion bloggers are wanted for this task, so please tell your blogger friends about it. Thanks!

Stef dela CruzAbout the blogger
Stef dela Cruz is a doctor and writer. She received the 2013 Award for Health Media from the Department of Health. She maintains a health column in Health.Care Magazine and contributes to The Manila Bulletin. Add her to your circles.


  1. i would like to be part of this but im not sure if i can categorize myself as a fashion blogger hahahaha :D

  2. I would be interested. =) You can check out mine if you like it.


  3. Great! I've checked out your blog, will find assignments for it. ^_^

  4. I would be very interested as well. Please check out mine at -

    I've also emailed you with more details.

  5. I'm interested :) here's my blog I hope you can check it out, thanks!

  6. Thanks for the submissions! I will send emails to those whose blogs qualify. I'm currently swamped so it might take time - don't worry, I'll get back to you as soon as I can! :) For those who have more than one blog, feel free to submit your blogs to me.

  7. I may be a bit late for this, but I'd love to participate! My blog is


  8. I would love to be considered!

    Thank you!


  9. Hi Sasha,

    Your blog looks great, but it's a very young blog with under ten blog posts and it has been in existence for less than one month. But do keep posting and in time, you shall be eligible for paid posts! :)

  10. Hi! My name is Paige & I would love to be considered! I have my BFA in fashion And my MA in performance costume design, plus I LOVE to write!

  11. @Paige: Your blog has about 6 posts. Continue posting and soon, when your blog is mature enough, I shall give you tasks. :) Thanks!

  12. Hello, we don't know whether we're too late for this but this is our blog, we're twins from London.

  13. Hello

    I am a fashion blogger! This is my blog;

    I hope I fit the criteria!


  14. im a fashion blogger

    yayapril at gmail dot com

  15. I'm a fashion blogger.

    Thanks :')

  16. I'm a fashion blogger

  17. are u still looking? :)

  18. Sorry, girls, but the search for fashion bloggers is over. :( However, there's someone looking for a writer! Come on over to my other blog, Stef dela Cruz, for more details.