Cat Ringtones

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 0 Comments

My cat likes watching TV and listening to music. Yep, sometimes he stays on my bed and perches on the edge while looking at my TV, or he sits right in front of the television, then he drifts off to sleep.



My cat, watching TV while lying on my pillows.


I’ve been wondering what kind of music my cat would respond to, or if cats like music at all. I then searched for articles on cats and I saw one on Catchannel about ringtones that cats respond to. True enough, when I played the ringtones, my cat went leaping into my room, trying to locate the source of the ringtone.


If you have a cat who loves playing cool and doesn’t react to your calls to him, try playing these ringtones:


Cat Ringtone 1:

Cat Ringtone 2:


Just try not to keep playing it or your cat will eventually figure out that you’re trying to fool him. And if you find actual songs that cats respond to, tell me so I can share it with my cat! Smile

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