Why Your Body Matters

Sunday, May 01, 2011 Stef dela Cruz 1 Comments

It’s May!


It’s definitely summer now, what with the sweltering heat and the scandalously short shorts everybody’s wearing even to the mall. Okay, maybe we get to see those shorts the whole year round, but still… I’m actually wearing them, so that only means one thing: summer is here and it wants to singe my skin.


I have yet to wear my swimsuit though. Gone are the days when my tummy is as chiseled as a mannequin’s. I know, I’m probably sweating something really trivial, but it’s the kind of thing you think of when you’re about to spend time on the beach: am I fit enough to strut the stuff the way I used to?




I want to take care of myself. And by taking care of myself, I mean never having to let myself go. Everyone should; it’s the least we can do for ourselves. We have all been given one body each. Taking care of ourselves is the prudent thing to do, yes?

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